Blogtacular 2014

Blogtacular 2014

This weekend saw the first Blogtacular; a conference for creative bloggers set up by the mighty Kats Molesworth & Goldin

It was great, but I did feel like a bit of a fraud, not having blogged for 3 months and probably having knocked out fewer than two dozen posts in 10 years of blogging.

Anyway, the conference inspired me to do a hack of a lot more of this sort of thing, and jotting down some of this weekend's high points seemed like an ideal way to kickstart a new habit.

Joy Cho of Oh Joy kicked the whole shebang off with her keynote speech on Friday evening. Oh Joy is a recognisable brand way beyond the world of blogging. She is the most followed person on Pinterest globally and has her finger in more pies than you can shake a stick at.  It's an impressive measure of the Kats' credibility, passion and persuasiveness for them to land such a speaker for their very first conference.

The next day saw Anne Ditmeyer speaking about how she earns a living from blogging. She mentioned Skillshare almost in passing, but discovering this online learning site may be the most useful thing I take away from the whole weekend. There are a host of classes I want to take to make the next, exciting step in my business, and all for just $9.95 a month. I can't wait to get started!

I missed a large part of Isa Seminega's design session, which was a shame as Isa was extremely knowledgeable, charming and generous with her expertise. There were several other sessions I'd love to have attended, including Yvonne Eijkenduijn's talk, Xanthe Berkley's photo walk and Ellie Tennant's styling session  I'll definitely be catching up on all four via the virtual conference*.

Mini Moderns' talk on branding also struck a chord, being directly relevant to my business. They are two talented men. Again, very generous with their time and expertise. This was a noticeable theme of the event - creative people just fizzing over with knowledge and ideas they love to share, surrounded by other creative people just lapping it up. It made for a really nice atmosphere.

Finally, Natalie Lue closed the conference with her keynote. For a woman who claimed to be physically ill with nerves, she kicked arse. If you know Nat and her work, you'll know she is sickeningly wise and sorted out, and as expected, she dosed out some very sound advice, my absolute favourite being:

(Photo courtesy of Heather at Growing Spaces)

It was also lovely to catch up with old online friends and meet new ones. Thanks for a great weekend and my first ever Pimms to Claire, Nat, Ellie, Carly, Lisa, Ruth, Heather and Kelly.

Overall, I'm massively proud of and pleased for the Kats. They pulled off an impressive event, and generated a real sense of community despite a number of setbacks. Their tenacity, creativity and vision have paid off big style. Here's to Blogtacular 2015!

*If you missed Blogtacular itself, but would like to see any of the sessions, then you really need to sign up to their mailing list because you may just get the chance......