Cool colour sites

Cool colour sites

You’ll be unsurprised that we love colour here at Love It Love It Love It.  I even did my undergraduate Pyschology thesis on it.  Did you know for example, that all languages evolve colour words in the same order? (black & white, red, green, can’t remember the rest. Orange was the last to evolve in English, but we’ve yet to create a single word for light blue, unlike other languages such as Russian*)


It seems that there are lots of people who share that passion, and there are some fantastically cool sites and toys dotted around the web if you want a hit of zingy colour.  Here’s a round up of some favourites which can’t fail to brighten up your day.

pretty things

Have you ever been to Brussels? It has a bar with a stuffed horse in it, which is all very nice, but if you stayed at the Pantone Hotel, you would totally eschew the horse bar for a night in your totally cool room, bankrupting yourself at the mini bar instead.


MultiColor Search Lab at first sight, pretty dull. But click on one of the colours – go on. Gasp! You see?  Oh so pretty. The more colours you put in, the more intricate the patterns. A delight, and a fiendishly clever one at that.

Next up, this wonderful, joyful video. The Let’s Colour Project is devoted to spreading colour all over the world, brightening up grey towns and places.  Their blog is also a colour devotee’s treasure trove.


interactive things

If you love colour, then surely you already know Colour Lovers? This is the daddy of the colour sites.  Hours of fun to be had making palettes, and patterns, admiring other people’s palettes, chatting with other Colour Lovers and poring over the excellent blog. A really friendly community and nice place in general.  If you’re on Colour Lovers, my username is linesandlines – come and say hello.

This sweet, interactive site neatly summarises all the (Western) cultural significance of different colours and their applications in art and culture. A clever way of summing up a whole lot of interesting information.

The internet is chock-full of colour scheming sites to help web designers pick colour combinations that don’t make your eyes bleed. These two are especially nice.  Color Scheme Designer auto selects toning and contrasting colours to complement your initial choice.  Colr is another nice execution of a popular idea.  Upload a photo or link, and it will identify its component colours. Although intended for website design, both would work really well for interior design or even outfit matching use (or just mucking about).


kids things

As a kids clothing site, we have to include some cool colour sites for kids.  This colour factory game on theCBBC site is suitable for even very young children; it would fit equally well on the Cbeebies page. You start with the three primary colours, mix them together to form new colours and then colour in a picture or do a freehand picture with them.


How about this? It looks like it’s not loading correctly.  Hmm. Try clicking or moving your mouse around.  Jackson would be so proud.

Another arty one, albeit somewhat more highbrow and more suitable for slightly older children, Tate Modern’s colour colour game uses the palettes of famous modern artists and allows you to reimagine some of the Tate’s works of art using those palettes.  Educational colouring in.


daft things

If you’ve made it this far down the post, you’ve done very well and shall be rewarded with some no-effort colourful things to look at and enjoy.  Colourstrology is a very scientific mixture of colour and astrology.  Put in your birthday to find out what your birth colour says about you. All experiments so far suggest that it will say nice things about you.


There’s obviously some deep cosmic link between time and colour, because this site, the Colour Clock translate the time into a hexadecimal colour code. That’s all it does, but it doesn’t need to do anything else. It’s mesmerising, as is this: Color Flip.  It’s the simplest things, eh?


*based on my best recollections, so that all may be utter rubbish. Please don’t shout at me if it is.