Gallery cubed

Gallery cubed

After a burst of enthusiasm a few weeks ago, I've since failed miserably at creating posts for The Gallery. However, this week's theme is Motherhood, and since it's pretty much motherhood that has consumed all my time recently, it seemed like a good time to try and catch up.

As a fairly late convert to the world of motherhood, my own mother had been twitchy for a while. She wanted grandchildren, and with none on the horizon, she began badgering slightly. About 10 or 15 years ago I told her I didn't want kids. She replied 'your own children will teach you things about the world and about yourself that you can't learn any other way'. At the time, I thought this made her a massive div. Now of course, I realise she's right, and she's having the last laugh both for that thought and many thousands a couple of similar ones I may have had about her mental faculties over the years. She also wished a daughter like me on me, and damn her, her wish came doubly true. I've already snuck a quick peek at some of the entries for this week's theme, and a striking and very beautiful theme that seems to emerge is that most of the images people have chosen feature them looking intently at their child, almost in awe of what they've created, whilst the child either snuggles in or looks off at something more interesting. If all we do is provide our kids with the stable platform to launch themselves off in whatever direction they choose, then we've done a bloody good job frankly. Here's one such photo, taken about 5 years ago of Ladybird & I in Italy. There's another photo that encapsulates a very particular moment of motherhood for me - it's the view of Yorkhill Hospital tower I saw as I left the Queen Mother's Maternity Hospital in Glasgow with a brand new baby, a whole load of stitches and a bloodstream composed of approx 95% hormones thinking "Why are you letting *me* leave with this thing? What do I do with it? OH MY GOD!" For some reason, this image burned itself into my brain. However, this picture as an illustration of motherhood probably makes me seem like a massive sociopath. See?


And now to last week, in which the theme was Still Life. A year or two ago, before Love It Love It Love It was Love It Love It Love It (I'm really starting to wish I'd chosen a name that was easier to type, by the way), and was just a vague idea to do something that didn't involve working for gits but did involve as many insanely pretty and colourful things as possible, I started to collect things - material swatches, pictures, anything that grabbed my attention, to act as an inspiration.* My still life is a quick snap of a couple of things that lie in my inspiration box. I really love how they're so full of colour, it's actually leaping out of the picture. Last of all, there's Friendship. To me, friendship is very much a function of time and situation. The more you have in common, particularly in terms of shared place and time, the more likely you are to bond. Whilst you may always love that friend and value your friendship, the relationship undeniably alters when one or both of you change job or house or lifestyle. The exception is the friendship between siblings. These are people who hopefully, you'll be friends with forever. You've seen them at their absolute worst, you've fought with them more bitterly than you'll ever fight with anyone, but they still love you for who you really, actually truly are, and they make you laugh like drains. Well, mine do anyway. Thanks Dan & France. x

It wasn't always like that. Dan & I were constantly vying for attention throughout our childhoods, and we only really started to get on well once we grew up and left home. Therefore, when expecting Liv I was really worried about how Evie would take to having a sibling. To my surprise and enduring delight, they are besotted with each other and revel in every moment spent together. Here's to friends for life.
* sorry, longest sentence ever. You may need to take a breath now.