About us

Why unisex clothes for children?

Look on the High Street and you’ll find that girls are pink and boys are blue. Never the twain shall met. No options, no discussion. There’s nothing wrong with pink or blue, but they’re only two colours out of a whole beautiful spectrum. We say that all colours should be for everyone. Childhood should be a time of freedom and joy. Let’s stop trying to pigeonhole them by gender, give them choice, and the opportunity to express their own individual personalities through their clothes.


Why ethical clothes for children?

Fast, throwaway fashion is no good for the planet, for the people working in substandard conditions to churn it out, nor for our pockets, constantly replacing poor quality, worn out clothes. All of our brands work hard to be mindful of both environmental and ethical considerations during the design, manufacture and shipping of their clothes.

We have large ranges of organic baby and children’s clothes, ethically made clothes for kids and as far as possible, give you information about the ethical and environmental standards applicable to each garment sold. For more news on this, please keep an eye on our blog.

Not only do organic and sustainable materials help the planet at the point of production, well made clothes have additional benefits; they last longer, so you don’t need so many, reducing waste. Our clothes should last well enough to be handed down to younger siblings, cousins and friends. That’s another plus point of gender neutral, unisex children’s clothes – you can pass them on to boys or girls! See? It all links up. This store isn’t just thrown together.*

(*it is slightly.)


Why funky clothes for children?

Come on! Why not?

On a practical note, kids make a lot of mess and life is too short to be soaking baked bean, grass and mud stains out of boring beige clothes.

On an aesthetic note, colour and pattern are amazing! Children and babies look great in bright, colourful clothes, and you certainly won’t have difficulty spotting your child in the playground when they’re wearing our clothes.

Funky, colourful baby clothes and bright, beautiful clothes for children is what we’re all about. It’s even where our name comes from; we hope that each garment pleases you as much as it does us. That you see a gorgeous print or colour and do a little squeal of joy; that you unwrap your order and clap with happiness. That you love it, love it, love it. (Cough. Sorry.)


Yes, but what about you?

Bah, OK. My name’s Ruth. I own & run loveitloveitloveit. In my spare time I like laughing and sleeping. I'm aided and abetted by Laura and James, who say they like packing orders.

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