What's the sizing like on this item?

As with adult clothing, the sizing & fit of baby & children's clothes varies enormously. Each garment has some guidance under 'additional details' on the product page, but this will vary according to your child's shape & size. Please do let us know if you have any feedback on the sizing of a garment or brand - it's very useful. As a broad rule of thumb, Scandinavian brands such as DUNS Sweden and Danefæ tend to run large for babies and more true to size and even quite slim for children, whereas French, Belgian and Dutch brands like 4funkyflavours and Lily Balou are slightly more petite than UK equivalents. If you're unsure and would like measurements on a garment, please just call on 0333 456 8348 or email us.  


Why don't you do these clothes in my size?

The number 1 question I get asked. OK, I give in. A small selection of clothes for adults by our beautiful kids brands is now available.  

We'd like our brand stocked in your shop - who do we send our lookbook to?

Please send it to: hello@loveitloveitloveit.co.uk. We'll let you know if we'd like to make an order.  


Do you ship to my country? How much is it?

Yes. We ship daily to all countries in Europe, the Americas, the Far East and Australia/New Zealand. There are no countries we don't ship to, though some, such as Russia, can present difficulties. Customers in these countries - please contact us and we can work something out together. Some of our overseas customers use a dedicated import service, such as Shop and Ship.  

Where's my order?

The vast majority of orders arrive within the standard times shown on the delivery & returns page. Please note there how long Royal Mail say some deliveries can take. A delivery is not considered lost until that period has lapsed (20 working days in the UK, 35 for the rest of the world). If your order is taking longer than normal, please do let us know, and we'll make enquiries with Royal Mail, but unless you chose a tracked method of delivery, there's not a great deal we can do unfortunately. There are also a couple of things you can do.  


Why are the clothes so expensive?

Right. Well. For what they are, they're not that expensive, they're honestly priced. Think about it. To make each garment, the cotton has to be planted, grown, tended, harvested, cleaned, processed, spun, woven in to cloth, dyed, printed, cut to the pattern, sewn together, checked, packaged, shipped, stored, advertised, and sent to the customer. That's a lot of people doing a lot of work. Huge stores can get economies of scale and may be able to sell a kids t-shirt for £1, but how likely is it that everyone involved in making it was paid & treated fairly? How long will it last? We've been conditioned to expect our clothes to be unrealistically cheap. Our clothes are great quality, which means they'll last longer. The cost per wear, and hence value for money, should end up being less than supermarket bargains. 2, 3 or more siblings should get good wear out of each item, and good quality clothes like these hold their value well should you want to re-sell them once you've finished with them. I know some of the clothes do seem pricey, but I do my best to keep prices down, and promise you, they're worth it.  


Please can I have a discount?

No, but we do have regular discount periods and flash sales. The best way to find out about these is to be signed up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook. That's where any discounts will be announced first.  

Everything else

What have you done with the elephants!?

I'm sorry, they had to go. It was time to move on. Here they are, for old time's sake. 

Elephant logo

I'm thinking of setting up an online shop selling colourful, organic unisex kids clothes but it definitely won't be competition for you. Please can you send me details of supplier contacts, turnover and profits?